One Post to Start Them All

Many warm (well, actually, quite snowy and cold) greetings from Cleveland, Ohio. My name is Owen McCafferty and for the past 9 years I’ve been uncovering my maternal family history which has taken my research efforts all over the world. It’s amazing to think how little I knew about my mother’s side of my family when I first became interested in the research, and what I know at this very moment. Comparatively speaking, I haven’t been able to research my own family roots as far back as I have on other branches of my tree (or those of so many of my clients), I know so much more about my family today than I thought I ever would--and that has provided me with a connection to my long-lost ancestors I thought I’d never have.

That's me on the left with my grandmother looking over the family tree in 2010  -  ©2018 Owen mccafferty 

That's me on the left with my grandmother looking over the family tree in 2010  -  ©2018 Owen mccafferty 

What started as the simple curiosity of a 17 year old regarding my grandfather (who was adopted by an aunt) blossomed into an almost obsessive passion with genealogy, my family history, and the heritage and histories of the geographical locations my ancestors called home. Over the years, I’ve met and correspondence with some amazing researchers, experts, teachers, historians, and distant family members. I’ve poured through seemingly impossibly illegible documents, scoured newspapers, begged for family photos, and interviewed the far branches of my well-rooted family tree. All of this provided me with some amazing research skills, and some expertise in the areas in which my family came from.

I realized a few months ago, that if I were to be hit by a Warsteiner truck tomorrow--most of what I have learned over these 9 years would follow me to the grave. That’s when I started writing a book to share with my family--a living document that I would continue to add to as I progressed. But, I realized there was a more immediate need to share snippets of this information: to fellow researchers, family members, and the like. That’s why I created my little corner of the internet.

My hope is that this website can help those discovering their own family history--whether it be a fellow Saleker ancestor (which you’ll discover is the focus of many of my articles) or someone on your own tree who hails from the same lands. If you’re lucky enough to claim heritage in the Pongau, Prussian-Lithuanian, or Cleveland, I hope this website can serve as a great resource during your journey.


Wer rastet, der rostet.